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Wi-Fi Network Suoltion

Wi-Fi Network Suoltion

Nowadays, WiFi has been widely deployed in all aspect including universities, secondary and primary schools, and even kindergartens all over the world. It has become a fundamental infrastructure in our society. Technically, on top of providing mobility to users, WiFi could save the cost of last mile cabling and increase the number of users accessing the network within the campus. By adopting advanced Smart Antenna Technology, we are able to handle harsh radio environments both NLOS (Non Line of sight) and LOS (light of sight). Our successful job reference has already proven that!


Top Network provides a series of solution to fit for different cultural and technical requirements of schools. Based on our experience in WiFi projects, we are able to handle various requirements in cover area, signal rate, security, application, authentication and accounting.


Top Network is your best solution provider with below merits:

  • ZERO RF cell planning
  • ZERO AP configuration
  • ZERO AP-to-AP handoff
  • WiFi coverage with ZERO connection black holes
  • Secure guest Wi-Fi access


Office, High and Low Density Residential WiFi Solution


  • Office
  • Private Housing
  • Villa Area
  • Apartment Block


  • Free surf, Stay connect
  • Simple installation, Facilitation
  • To provide quickly wireless surf for each unit
  • To use the encrypted wireless connection in order to better protect your privacy
  • To be 24 hours all-weather operation (or time zone default setting option)


Hotel WiFi Solution


  • Customers enjoy WiFi service without interruption in the signal covered area.
  • WiFi network can integrate with the systems of building supervision, home automation and security burglary protection and etc.
  • Providing Tailor-made WiFi solution & excellent RF planning.
  • Experienced in handling any complex geographical terrains and harsh environment for cabling.


Educational WiFi Solution


  • Anyone may seamlessly access WiFi network anywhere within the campus. Provides interactivity between anyone and greatly increase the joy of studying.
  • Provides innovative mobility over the campus and wired LAN system cannot be provided.
  • Suitable for different terminal systems such as PDA, tablet PC, notebook PC & VoIP device.
  • By adopting patented technology “True Reuse”, system provides the largest bandwidth to users intelligently.
  • System provides free expandability according to future rapid development.


Food & Beverage WiFi Solution

Top Network Catering WiFi solution is extremely suitable for most of the restaurants, cafeterias and bars. Our solution is able to run with catering management system on Pocket PC & link up the head office and let user to enquiry and print reports of restaurant transactions. We supports working with various POS hardware in different Fast-Food version, Barcode version and Standard Version.


  • Manpower saving, greatly reduces operation cost
  • Effectively simplify existing complicated operation flow, ensuring mobility within the network
  • Minimize probabilities of order missing, wrong ordering & order duplication due to careless mistake by staff
  • Zero Handoff Increasing battery life for normal operation
  • Zero Handoff Providing transmission error free
  • Seamless WiFi coverage within targeted area

Wi-Fi Network


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