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IT Consultant | IT Consulting

IT Consultant | IT Consulting


IT Consultant / IT Consulting is a technology solutions provider serving clients nationally and abroad.


Our Team

Top Network provides different types of solution for any customers. Our technical team had 10 or more years working experience in technical support. They are professional at IT knowledge, the operation of the business.


Service Features

Our team will focus on understanding customer’s business strategy. We hope IT can increase the business growth. We will try our best to provide the suitable solution for your business.



IT Consultant | IT Consulting Services include

  • Solution architecture design
  • IT network infrastructure setup consultation and project management
  • PC, notebook server, UPS, storage solutions and software license procurement and setup
  • Print infrastructure procurement and setup
  • Network and security solutions such as wireless, router, switch, firewall and VPN, etc
  • IT equipment relocation support


Our Benefit

  • We provide non stop system integration service for your company, you can minimize time and effort involved in coordinating with different company, it can leave your staffs free to focus on your core business.
  • Top quality and professional team ensures project will be completed within the pre-agreed timeframe
  • Flexible payment options
  • Improved IT performance for create more value on your business



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