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Hardware on Loan

Hardware on Loan

When your hardware is out of order, our hardware on loan service can help you!


Lending principle and
lending time limit

  • Lending Principle:
    First come first serve basis
  • Lending time limit:
    Until broken PC get fully repair
  • Free of charge


Penalty Clause

  • Registered user should be responsible for the borrowed hardwares. If user lost the hardwares, he should pay to Top Network the hardware replacement cost.
  • If users lost some parts of borrowed hardwares such as power adapter. User should pay the replacement cost of each part.
  • If hardware was damaged during the lending period, Top Network would inspect the level of damage and charge the user back the repair cost.


Borrower responsibility

  • Registered users have to take full responsibility for the hardwares and any damage or loss will be accountable for it. Therefore, user should not further lend the hardwares to other user.
  • Never leave loan items unattended. When user returns the borrowed hardwares, system will return back to the original setting immediately. All files in the hardwares will be deleted. Top Network will not take responsibility for any deleted or corrupted files in the hardwares.
  • Do not attempt to install unauthorized or pirated software applications.
  • Resulting from improper use of software leading files gets infected by virus in hardwares. Top Network will not take any responsibility.
  • Copy and migrate of installed software is not allowed.


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